Nautical Growth:
Q: Is the yogurt in liquid or powdered form?
A: Yocream only manufactures liquid pre-mixes. All pre-mixes are made by fermenting real milk into yogurt to ensure the maximum number of probiotics.

Q: Do I need to add or mix my own frozen yogurt?
A: No. All yocream flavors are pre-mixed. All you need is to pour them (liquid form) into your soft-serve machine. No addition of water, sugar or milk is needed.

Q: How is the product shipped?
A: They are shipped frozen and need to be stored in a cold storage at -18 degree celsius.

Q: How do I use the product?
A: Products need to be thawed before pouring into the soft-serve machine. 

Q: How many days do you need to thaw the product?
A: Approximately 3 to 4 days. Once thawed, it has a refrigerated shelf life of 3 weeks.

Q: How is the yogurt packed?
A: Products are packed in 6 half-gallon cartons per case.

Q: How much yogurt can one case yield?
A: One case (6 half-gallon cartons) can yield on the average about 445 ounces of frozen yogurt.