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About Yogurt
Yogurt is considered a miracle food. It has all the wholesome goodness and it is a snack that can be enjoy in any part of the day and by everyone.

Immune System
Yogurt helps to build up your immune systems against flu and help prevent cancer and infection.

A good source of calcium. Yogurt helps you absorb more calcium into your body with the same amount of milk consumed.


The probiotics help you improve your digestive system and replenish good bacteria for optimal digestion.

Nourish your skin
Yogurt improves your skin from inside out after eating it for at least a month.

Great for lactose intolerants
During the process when milk is being fermented into yogurt, lactose is being broken down. Lactose is also the main culprit that causes stomach upset. Hence, yogurt is great for lactose intolerants who cannot drink milk yet wish to receive the greatness of milk.

A great source of protein. Yogurt is a protein-dense food that gives you approximately 20 percent of your daily value for protein.

Health Facts

Aids in Healing Infections
Contributes Digestive Health
Improves Bioavailability of Other Nutrients
Can Boost Immunity
Rich source of Calcium
Excellent Source of Protein Easy to Digest
Stops acne and create clear skin
Can Lower Cholesterol
Stimulates the Memory
Healthy Alternative to other Desserts